Sunday, March 22, 2015

22 March 2015

ALoha lol,
All im kinda jealous lol. But i know you all are having funn eating
all the hawaiian food lol. But this week was good, just trying to get
more masagi with the area. an its transfers week. My comp is going to
american samoa, going to miss him but i know he will do good. i get
to be a trainer an DL at the same time. I have a van lol an its stick
shift so thats been good. hahah BUt everything is going good here, My
stake president is about numbers so really trying to teach him about
true conversions. Before this stake was high in baptisms an before i
came it dropped big time. Really trying to get help from the al paia.
An the bishop to. But its getting better. Time is flying to fast, just
want time to slow down lol.
BUt im doing good, miss you all an hope you all have a good time in hawaii.
Send my love to the family.
Elder Tanuvasa

Alofa atu mo outou. maguia lava le fuafuag i gei aso.
Elder Tanuvasa