Sunday, November 29, 2015

29 November 2015

That looks good to me, but sorry last week the iternet was not working. So today we came in the office to run some errons, an i got a little time to email, But everything is going good. I am really
excited to see you all this coming week. Just know that i am doing good. We just got done with a bad strom that hit us for two days...hjahah an it would be my area to get hit the hardest...overall we are safe. love you all aunty, i try to email later if rthe iternet works. but send my love to the elder tanuvasa.
Alofa tele atu mo outou uma lava.

Elder Tanuvasa

Sunday, November 8, 2015

8 November 2015

Talofa Family

..As me an my companion have been trying to get familiar with our area
we have been having success...thanks to the promptings of the holy
ghost. This week we just picked up 6 new people that are investing in
the church. One of them, when we had our fafaga yesterday, it was this
family that is part member n non member. We got the chance to talk to
him about the gospel..The Book Of Mormon...n.How our father in heaven
blesses our lives as we endure an keep thy commandments..N how prayer
can really help us if we truly pray with real intent. After the whole
conversation we invited him to pray about the BofM. So now we have a
setup appointment for aso lulu to meet up again... But Inviting an
sharing to others about this gospel has really impacted how my
testimony has grown so much an know that we have the best example who
ever walk this earth ,Jesus Christ...n he invites us to follow his
perfect example...As we consistently focus n study the basic
principles in our lives, we will gain an understanding of what we need
to accomplish in this life. N how it will bring the light to our
families an the happiness to us. I have a testimony on sharing the
light with others so they too can feel the happiness of our savior. I
testify that as we help others come unto christ, how we will see there
happiness bright up in their families an there own lives..I know that
jesus the christ lives, an i am gratefull for all that you have done
for me in mylife. Love you all so much. Have an awesome Weekend.
Elder Tanuvasa

Thursday, October 15, 2015

11 October 2015

Talofa Lava,

This past week was one of the best weeks as we watched the conference
session in english an half in samoan. As i listened to the words of
the apostles one of the talks that i really liked was from Dieter F
Uchtdorf the saturday session. "Living the Gospel, Does it Need to be
complicated?  I remember when i heard these words i thought of my
recent converts an how much theyve changed... Seeing the happiness in
there eyes an in their families. As we think of the problems an trails
that we go through is it helping us to be on the right path? Im i
doing all that i can to let the people here in samoa that life doesnt
have to be complicated as we practice what we preach an we endure on
the strait an narrow path. There will be times when we fall off the
path, but as we have all these tools to help us get back on the right
path, the spirit will always testify to us that our savior is always
with us. An as we try our best to endure in  the fruits of this gospel
our conversion to the lord will be increasing tremendously because we
truly have that pure love of christ an we trust in him that he will
guide us  in these latter days. Or the Words of M.russell Ballard "
Hold on to the gospel trues with both hands" As we Stay in this
gospel...Hold tight to the lord...n Endure On! Family an Friends i am
so grateful for all of your examples an how much it really helped me
through out this mission.

This past saturday we had another sister enter the waters of baptism,
who is married to awesome guy who is a member. As these past weeks we
have been teaching an prep her for the big day. Every time we ask her
a question she knew everything...such a golden convert that we were
truely blessed to help her be on the right path. And letting here know
it will all work out. Every time we had an appoinment with here she
always had a smile... i am so stoked for them to seal there family
next yr!!!Making me think back on the talk of jeffery r holland of
pure love. Giving back to my savior... an to my mom! Mom an Aunty
Tamara how grateful i am to have you both here in my life to help an
guide me through out this life. As he was talking i was tearing up an
just thinking how bless i am to have you both in my life. Mom always
remember " You are doing better than you think you Are! The words of
Jeffrey R holland.  I know that as we keep doiing our part the lord
will always fulfill his part. The blessing of the gospel. An alway
remember that you all are always in my prayers, may our heavenly
father be with yall as you you all continue on the right path. Alofa
Kele aku foi mo oukou uma. Maguia Lave le aso Sapati!

ELder Tanuvasa

Monday, September 21, 2015

19 September 2015

Just Sending out a big email because i really didnt have time today to
email. But This saturday me an my companion got to go to the temple
with my investigators that i baptized when i was serving in american
samoa. It was last tuesday when we were doing an exchange with our
taitai misiona an I was just pondering about the the temple. N i
remembered that this month my family from american samoa reaches a 1yr
mark, an the plan for the family was to take there family an seal them
in the temple... So that tuesday i called the temple, an i was talking
to the lady an i askeed hey if theres any one going into the temple
this week or this month from tutuila. And she said yeah the family
name Ma`ae, an my heart just dropped an she also said, they are going
in today at the 5 o clock. So i rang the pres, an i asked him if i
could go to the temple.. the temple is on the other island in upolu,
which means i have to catch a boat an look for a ride to the office.
BUt i got the okay from the president, an i called the family from
tutuila an asked them when do they go back because i wanna do a
session toghether an they wanted too. So We got to the office on
friday,an we went strait to were the families saty in right by the
temple. An i see people, here im kinda of worried cause i thought they
left, we go there an i asked the lady, did the group from tutuila
leave already? an she said yeah just this im just
thinking dang i miss it man... N the lady says but theres a family
that didnt leave, just switched house to the on across the street, We
head over as fast as we could..n i see the youngest boy of there
family an just had the biggest smile on my face. Filled with joy. As
we start talking with the family we are just so excited to see each
other. Later on that friday we went to the last session toghether.Just
a quick story i wanted to share with the family. The changes that ive
seen in the family just fills me up with peace an happiness. Such a
strong family that came along ways. As we listen an hearken to the
spirit our father will always make a way for those of us that are
trully being obedient to our covenants. I know this church  is true,
the gospel brings peace in our families. god lives an our savior jesus

But overall i am doing good in my area. just been loving it here, an
time is just flying way to fast. I miss you all an love you all. You
all are always in my prayers, may our heavenly father protect an guide
our family as we march an hasten his work through out this life.

Elder Tanuvasa

Sunday, September 6, 2015

5 September 2015

Talofa lava

Just an update on this past week, overall me an my companion have been
doing great. Kind of sad that last night we got the call an my
companion is getting transferred. Such a great elder. But as we look
to it this way we always have to be ready were ever our father in
heaven wants us to go....Just pack an go.. The Work here in my area
has just been getting better. We have been setting baptisms for these
next few weeks. We have 1 this week who we have been working with for
2 months i believe an i have seen the change in him. His name is
Cabbish..hahah funny name bt its samoa... His family are non members,
an as we been visiting his family its so special to talk to his mom an
his dad. We talk the dad, an he explain to us  how he is making the
right decision. An everytime we would talk with the mom, she would
always tear up. I know that the family feels the love of our savior. I
know pretty soon we will be starting the lessons with them. bt overall
iam doing good. Just thank my father in heaven for all that he has
done for me. Being in this area is just awesome, the work here is so
good with the au paia. I got the mail, thank you so much, an send my
love to the familys in the ward. But just an update on the work here
in samoa, just know that you all are always in my prayers, may our
heavenlly father be with you all through this week. I miss you all an
love you. The church is true!
Elder tanuvasa

Monday, August 10, 2015

August 9, 2015


ia i just wanted to update the family on the work here in
samoa. These past couple weeks we have been having baptisms, our
investigators been ready to commit to live an be worthy of the
covenants. Covenants are so important an as we endure through out our
trails each day, the atonement is here to perfect us or to try better
ourselves. As i talk about the commandents of the lord, we really have
to give it all our effort to obey. We have our investigator his name
is faafetai, an he has growned so much since the first time weve
started lessons with him. He has grown to know that this church really
does blesses our familys. The work here is so good, as we are
diligently working with the members an really helping others increase
their faith in our savior. I am so grateful for being here in samoa, i
know i wouldnt have experience theses trails that i go through. which
makes me stronger, helps me to aling myself with our savior jesus
christ. This past saturday we had another of our investigators enter
the water of baptism an covenant to keep the commandments for his
whole life. Work here has been successful for me an my companion, we
also have another baptism coming up this saturday, which we are pretty
stoked. But overall i am doing good in my area, an me an my comp is
doing good too. This area that we are in, is really a blessing for me.
But hows the family doing? hows Elder Tanuvasa? is he still in the
mtc? nut i love you all an miss you all. Send my love to the family.
Elder Tanuvasa

Monday, July 20, 2015

19 July 2015


as i have been trully 100 to my studies the lord is directing my paths through out this life. I am so gratefful to be here in samoa an serve the people here. I love it here. Me an my companion have been doing a great job in our area. We just had 2 baptisms this past week an we have several coming up in these next weeks to come. I know that as i keep to my studies an prayer, i know that heavenly father will help guide me through out this life. Its incredible how much ive seen my investigators grow there faith in our savior jeus christ. We have investigators an they are awesome people. I know that this time right now is for us to endure, by doing all that we can to accomplish through this life. But i do pray for all of you to be guided an protected from harm an danger. I know as we all endure that we will truly feel his love for us, as we keep his commandments. BUt i am so happy for the fam, 

love you all, have an awesome week.

Elder Tanuvasa

Thursday, July 16, 2015

12 July 2015

Aloha an good evening...

That is pretty crazy that Matthew McRae is coming home.  But overall I've been doing good, just a couple weeks ago, I got transferred to another area in Savaii, my new companion is about 6'8", yeah I know, he's tall!  But he's an awesome missionary.  He is from California.  We have been doing awesome in this new area.  So when I cam the work was kinda slow here, and now it's just going fast as we closely work with the ward members, we just had 3 bpatisms this past weekend and we have 7 more this coming Saturday.  Along that we have more baptisms set up for the following weeks.

I've seen the miracles in my mission, an know that through being truly obedient I can truly feel the love of my Savior.  We have been pushing to accomplish our goals for our wards.  We cover 2 wards here in Salelologa in Savaii.  My comp and I have set goals to work so that the people can trust as missionaries.  The work here is going great.

I've been trying to eat healthy now, lol.  But I can't help cause it's Samoa, gotta enjoy the food here.  But I am doing good.

I know as I stick to reading my scriptures and praying and fasting, Heavenly Father will guide me the way.  I got to head out cause we have a lesson.  Miss you and the family, send my love to uncle and the kids, an to Elder Tanuvasa

Have an awesome week.

Elder Tanuvasa

Monday, June 15, 2015

15 June 2015

So this week was kinda busy for us, the wa some switches this past
transfer, now me an me comp cover a bigger area yaayyyyyy lol. BUt
other than that we aree just trying our best to get familiarized with
a new area added on to our old area. Me an my comp have been doing
good, an we have been acheieving our goals through out the week. I am
so excited for pepe, i know he will make a big empact in his mission
an for the people that he will be serving. HOw was conference? Hows
the family going? but im just hanging in an trying my best to finsh
strng. Me an my companion are doing wonderful. But i miss you all an
im so excited for the family. I looked at the picture an jacob looks
like a lilttle kid to tai lol. BUt send my love to the family. Miss
you alot aunty, love you much an have fun at girls camp.
Elder Tanuvasa

Sunday, May 24, 2015

24 May 2015

Malo lava soifua.
So this week me an my comp have been successful in our proselyting an
inviting others to commit to baptism. An d really trying to explain
the beauty ness of baptism. On how important it is to covenant with
our heavenly father. Its been a wonderful week with my comp. Member we
cover two wards so thats been another opportunity for us to really
reach out to our ward members. Especially the less actives an the
people who have gone astray. I am trully blessed to be here in samoa
to really help others. This week i want to do more service projects, i
miss doing that. So we plan to help someone when they are doing
something.Overall its been awesome, my birthday was awesome to. I got
to spen my bday with my district an they spoiled me with a cookie
cake. An it was a blast that day an this past week. But i am so
grateful for our savior an our father in heaven. Really trying to
expand to others here in samoa that jesus is different person from our
father in heaven.    An how much the atonement really means to me.
Especially the plan of salvation. I am also grateful for a wonderful
family that leads by example. But me an my companion are doing good. I
love My soa an he is just an awesome elder. BUt this week we plan to
achieve some of our goals. Pls pray for us an our investigators. Thank
you so much for all you do. I miss you all n love you all.You all are
always in my prayers. May our heavenlyfather bless you all this week
with your plans. Love you aunty tamara, send my love to the family an
the kids.
Elder Tanuvasa