Sunday, May 24, 2015

24 May 2015

Malo lava soifua.
So this week me an my comp have been successful in our proselyting an
inviting others to commit to baptism. An d really trying to explain
the beauty ness of baptism. On how important it is to covenant with
our heavenly father. Its been a wonderful week with my comp. Member we
cover two wards so thats been another opportunity for us to really
reach out to our ward members. Especially the less actives an the
people who have gone astray. I am trully blessed to be here in samoa
to really help others. This week i want to do more service projects, i
miss doing that. So we plan to help someone when they are doing
something.Overall its been awesome, my birthday was awesome to. I got
to spen my bday with my district an they spoiled me with a cookie
cake. An it was a blast that day an this past week. But i am so
grateful for our savior an our father in heaven. Really trying to
expand to others here in samoa that jesus is different person from our
father in heaven.    An how much the atonement really means to me.
Especially the plan of salvation. I am also grateful for a wonderful
family that leads by example. But me an my companion are doing good. I
love My soa an he is just an awesome elder. BUt this week we plan to
achieve some of our goals. Pls pray for us an our investigators. Thank
you so much for all you do. I miss you all n love you all.You all are
always in my prayers. May our heavenlyfather bless you all this week
with your plans. Love you aunty tamara, send my love to the family an
the kids.
Elder Tanuvasa