Monday, June 15, 2015

15 June 2015

So this week was kinda busy for us, the wa some switches this past
transfer, now me an me comp cover a bigger area yaayyyyyy lol. BUt
other than that we aree just trying our best to get familiarized with
a new area added on to our old area. Me an my comp have been doing
good, an we have been acheieving our goals through out the week. I am
so excited for pepe, i know he will make a big empact in his mission
an for the people that he will be serving. HOw was conference? Hows
the family going? but im just hanging in an trying my best to finsh
strng. Me an my companion are doing wonderful. But i miss you all an
im so excited for the family. I looked at the picture an jacob looks
like a lilttle kid to tai lol. BUt send my love to the family. Miss
you alot aunty, love you much an have fun at girls camp.
Elder Tanuvasa