Thursday, July 16, 2015

12 July 2015

Aloha an good evening...

That is pretty crazy that Matthew McRae is coming home.  But overall I've been doing good, just a couple weeks ago, I got transferred to another area in Savaii, my new companion is about 6'8", yeah I know, he's tall!  But he's an awesome missionary.  He is from California.  We have been doing awesome in this new area.  So when I cam the work was kinda slow here, and now it's just going fast as we closely work with the ward members, we just had 3 bpatisms this past weekend and we have 7 more this coming Saturday.  Along that we have more baptisms set up for the following weeks.

I've seen the miracles in my mission, an know that through being truly obedient I can truly feel the love of my Savior.  We have been pushing to accomplish our goals for our wards.  We cover 2 wards here in Salelologa in Savaii.  My comp and I have set goals to work so that the people can trust as missionaries.  The work here is going great.

I've been trying to eat healthy now, lol.  But I can't help cause it's Samoa, gotta enjoy the food here.  But I am doing good.

I know as I stick to reading my scriptures and praying and fasting, Heavenly Father will guide me the way.  I got to head out cause we have a lesson.  Miss you and the family, send my love to uncle and the kids, an to Elder Tanuvasa

Have an awesome week.

Elder Tanuvasa