Monday, July 20, 2015

19 July 2015


as i have been trully 100 to my studies the lord is directing my paths through out this life. I am so gratefful to be here in samoa an serve the people here. I love it here. Me an my companion have been doing a great job in our area. We just had 2 baptisms this past week an we have several coming up in these next weeks to come. I know that as i keep to my studies an prayer, i know that heavenly father will help guide me through out this life. Its incredible how much ive seen my investigators grow there faith in our savior jeus christ. We have investigators an they are awesome people. I know that this time right now is for us to endure, by doing all that we can to accomplish through this life. But i do pray for all of you to be guided an protected from harm an danger. I know as we all endure that we will truly feel his love for us, as we keep his commandments. BUt i am so happy for the fam, 

love you all, have an awesome week.

Elder Tanuvasa