Monday, August 10, 2015

August 9, 2015


ia i just wanted to update the family on the work here in
samoa. These past couple weeks we have been having baptisms, our
investigators been ready to commit to live an be worthy of the
covenants. Covenants are so important an as we endure through out our
trails each day, the atonement is here to perfect us or to try better
ourselves. As i talk about the commandents of the lord, we really have
to give it all our effort to obey. We have our investigator his name
is faafetai, an he has growned so much since the first time weve
started lessons with him. He has grown to know that this church really
does blesses our familys. The work here is so good, as we are
diligently working with the members an really helping others increase
their faith in our savior. I am so grateful for being here in samoa, i
know i wouldnt have experience theses trails that i go through. which
makes me stronger, helps me to aling myself with our savior jesus
christ. This past saturday we had another of our investigators enter
the water of baptism an covenant to keep the commandments for his
whole life. Work here has been successful for me an my companion, we
also have another baptism coming up this saturday, which we are pretty
stoked. But overall i am doing good in my area, an me an my comp is
doing good too. This area that we are in, is really a blessing for me.
But hows the family doing? hows Elder Tanuvasa? is he still in the
mtc? nut i love you all an miss you all. Send my love to the family.
Elder Tanuvasa