Sunday, September 6, 2015

5 September 2015

Talofa lava

Just an update on this past week, overall me an my companion have been
doing great. Kind of sad that last night we got the call an my
companion is getting transferred. Such a great elder. But as we look
to it this way we always have to be ready were ever our father in
heaven wants us to go....Just pack an go.. The Work here in my area
has just been getting better. We have been setting baptisms for these
next few weeks. We have 1 this week who we have been working with for
2 months i believe an i have seen the change in him. His name is
Cabbish..hahah funny name bt its samoa... His family are non members,
an as we been visiting his family its so special to talk to his mom an
his dad. We talk the dad, an he explain to us  how he is making the
right decision. An everytime we would talk with the mom, she would
always tear up. I know that the family feels the love of our savior. I
know pretty soon we will be starting the lessons with them. bt overall
iam doing good. Just thank my father in heaven for all that he has
done for me. Being in this area is just awesome, the work here is so
good with the au paia. I got the mail, thank you so much, an send my
love to the familys in the ward. But just an update on the work here
in samoa, just know that you all are always in my prayers, may our
heavenlly father be with you all through this week. I miss you all an
love you. The church is true!
Elder tanuvasa