Thursday, October 15, 2015

11 October 2015

Talofa Lava,

This past week was one of the best weeks as we watched the conference
session in english an half in samoan. As i listened to the words of
the apostles one of the talks that i really liked was from Dieter F
Uchtdorf the saturday session. "Living the Gospel, Does it Need to be
complicated?  I remember when i heard these words i thought of my
recent converts an how much theyve changed... Seeing the happiness in
there eyes an in their families. As we think of the problems an trails
that we go through is it helping us to be on the right path? Im i
doing all that i can to let the people here in samoa that life doesnt
have to be complicated as we practice what we preach an we endure on
the strait an narrow path. There will be times when we fall off the
path, but as we have all these tools to help us get back on the right
path, the spirit will always testify to us that our savior is always
with us. An as we try our best to endure in  the fruits of this gospel
our conversion to the lord will be increasing tremendously because we
truly have that pure love of christ an we trust in him that he will
guide us  in these latter days. Or the Words of M.russell Ballard "
Hold on to the gospel trues with both hands" As we Stay in this
gospel...Hold tight to the lord...n Endure On! Family an Friends i am
so grateful for all of your examples an how much it really helped me
through out this mission.

This past saturday we had another sister enter the waters of baptism,
who is married to awesome guy who is a member. As these past weeks we
have been teaching an prep her for the big day. Every time we ask her
a question she knew everything...such a golden convert that we were
truely blessed to help her be on the right path. And letting here know
it will all work out. Every time we had an appoinment with here she
always had a smile... i am so stoked for them to seal there family
next yr!!!Making me think back on the talk of jeffery r holland of
pure love. Giving back to my savior... an to my mom! Mom an Aunty
Tamara how grateful i am to have you both here in my life to help an
guide me through out this life. As he was talking i was tearing up an
just thinking how bless i am to have you both in my life. Mom always
remember " You are doing better than you think you Are! The words of
Jeffrey R holland.  I know that as we keep doiing our part the lord
will always fulfill his part. The blessing of the gospel. An alway
remember that you all are always in my prayers, may our heavenly
father be with yall as you you all continue on the right path. Alofa
Kele aku foi mo oukou uma. Maguia Lave le aso Sapati!

ELder Tanuvasa