Sunday, April 19, 2015

19 April 2015

Aloha ,
 I cant believe madden is 8 Years old? what that is crazy lol. Im
kinda shocked that he is 8 lol. But this week has been good, me an my
comp cover a pretty big area. We have 2 baptisms coming up this week
so we are excited for that. We have interviews with President tomorrow
 so i am pretty stoked for that. I am just loving it here, it really
has been an adventure. so many opportunities that me an my comp have
in our area. So we are just trying our best to hasten thy work. But
overall ive been doing good, just so busy, we have so many things
going on after its exciting. But i am happy for Elder Tanuvasa for
getting his call. He will love it there especially the people that he
serves. I Like the pic that you sent me of the family, everyone is
getting big. BUt love you so much aunty, send my love to the family.
congrats on madden too. You all are always in my prayer. alofa atu mo
outou. Maguia lava le aso ma le vaiaso gei.
Elder Tanuvasa