Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January 2

I forgot to to write everyones email down lol.
But just an update that im doing good and i am loving it. at the sametime its been hard because im away but i know why im here so ima stay strong an keep going forward. BUt in the mtc theres alot of work. We work 24/7 lol jk but at the sametime its funn.
I am learning the language pretty good but also need alot of work lol. BUt im picking it up so thats good.
Being the district leader is also work cause my group are full of clownssss lol. But its amzaing cause we treat each other like family. We look out for each other and also just have each others back. Although we are homesick we carry each other to keep moving forward. But i am doing good in the mtc.
Whats a work is waking up early lol and also going to bed at the right time lol. But overall im trying my best to work and to just do what i have to do.
BUt hows everything? hows the family? I miss you all so so much and always think of yall everyday. BUt i am loving the mtc although its like jail lol its still good. Hahahahaha. but i am learning alot and also trying to pick up the language but i know itll come through out the future. BUt I love you so much and miss you alot. TTYl
alofa iate oe