Monday, January 13, 2014

13 January 2014


O a mai le aiga? O lea se mea ua efai? 

Well being in the MTC is pretty good.  It's almost 4 weeks that I've been gone.  Almost a month.  But it's been amazing over here.  Being the DL is cool but also hard.  As I am trying my best to lead, I am trying to learn from my Elders.  But as time flys by it's amazing how strong the Spirit is here. 

Being here is a true blessing.  There's a lot of distractions, so you really gotta try your best to avoid distractions.  The biggest distraction for me is laughing.  That's one thing that I am struggling with but I know when to stop and what not.  Also having Elders that like to pop jokes is funny so it gets me distracted so I am laughing.   But everything is going good.

So these past weeks, we have been studying to teach mocked investigators.  Called TRC, it's crazy how the Spirit works.  I truly testify that the Spirit works as you try to be obedient in the works.  As I was teaching, I was understanding most of the conversation but still trying to speak the language.  It's funny cause I was teaching a palagi and it just amazed me how good or great he was speaking in Samoan.  At the end he was telling me that he served with a few of my friends from back home but also said that my understanding is pretty good.  Advised me to keep trying my best to understand and speak the language.  As I left, I thought what went wrong and to fix it the next time I teach.  Overall it was amazing.

My teachers are awesome, they are palagi's so it shocks me how much Samoan they can speak.  Really cool dude's and one of them is from Oregon, name is Uso Talley.  Probably my favorite of them teachers.  Really listen to the Spirit, cause the Holy Ghost is real and helps me personally to go through out y day. 

I love you all so much and miss you all so much.  Oute iloa o Iesu Keriso o le atua.  Oute iloa o oe, o se fanau fa'apeleina a le atua.  Oute iloa o Thomas S. Monson o le perofeta moni.  Oute iloa o le atua o lo tatou tama fa'alelagi, oute iloa o Iesu Keriso le fa'aola o le lalolagi ma lo tatou uso matua.  I le suafa Iesus Keriso, amene.

Alofa Ia te o'e,

Elder Tanuvasa