Friday, January 24, 2014

January 24, 2014 - email

hahahaha thanks thatssss exciting for her. (Tupu getting her mission call to Guatamala).   I am excited she will love it here in the mtc or wherever she goes.
ITs almost time lol. I leave monday around 10 am so than i stop in LAX for five hours so it should be good.
BUt just been trying my best to do what i can do to strengthen my testimony.
Im gonna miss this place but i am excited to go to samoa. Its gonna be real when i am at the airport seeing people lol cause all i see is elders n sisters hahahah.
BUt today i am going to the temple n excited cause its p day lol. BUt also so i can write everyone n see how everyone is doing. BUt i am doing good just missing you all.
thanks for everything n I miss you n love you.
Manuia le aso