Friday, December 27, 2013


Living life in the MTC is pretty (faigata)hard. This week went by so....slow, lol, but fun. As I have a set schedule each day, I always stay busy.

Also having a companion 24/7 is amazing. Although he is from Tonga, and speaks little Spanish, lol Tongan, I try my best to help him. For me it was hard at first because he could barely understand but as the days went by he is picking it up fast. What a true blessing (fa'amanuiga) to have the promptings of the Spirit to let me know what to say to him. He's a wonderful guy with a strong testimony of this gospel. It's also a blessing to have "cousins" with me. We all treat each other like family (aiga).

I'm picking up the language pretty fast. The little things matter a lot in the Samoan language. What a true blessing to serve in Samoa. I am truly blessed!

The MTC is hard but fun. We work hard by getting spiritually fed. It's kind of like mind games but its not a game. Everyday when I'm done, I'm mind exhausted. And Sundays don't feel like a Sunday. We go on Sunday walks and you see all the Elders and Sisters having a little snow ball fight. Including me :).

I miss you all so much and words can't express how thankful I am.

Oute iloa o Thomas S. Monson o perofeta. Oute iloa Iesu Keriso o le fa'ola. Ole Atua o lo tatou Tama fa'alelagi alofa. O le Ekalesia a Iesu Keriso o le au paia o aso E gata ai o Le moni. O Le suafa Iesu Keriso, amene.

Manuia Le Kerisi Masi!

Elder Tanuvasa