Monday, October 6, 2014

6 October 2014

Malo Soifua Tatou aiga. Ia i am so blessed for the oppurtunity to have emails. how easy it is to email my whole family. This week was one of my favorite weeks. Conference was soooooo awesome. The words of our prophet n the apostles was so strong. These examples we have n how we try to live our lives. On how we try to act when people are not watching you. N more importantly how we try to love one another. I think thats a struggle with people in this world. Is loving oneanother. I even see it in my area n how people treat each other. I hope that as people were listening to the words of our prophet n the apostles is that they take in n act upon it. Just as Our beloved prophet has said, " do a little better"  Meaning in all we do we give our best n than evaluate on what we need to fix in life. The changes we go through in life. Im so grateful n thankful for this conference. I feel like it has strengthen me n my testimony. An at the same time in our area just trying to do a little better. To help others with service, reaching out to people that barely have nothing. Im thankful for what i have n what ive been blessed with. The work here in samoa is good. An its getting better as we get better. Im so happy for you all anty. I miss you all so much n i know in my heart yall is doing good. Alofa atu iate outou.
Maguia le aso
Elder Tanuvasa