Monday, December 1, 2014

1 Dec 2015

Thanks so much aunty, so happy for pepe, worked his butt off, my mom
told me he is going to the ship? ah thats the way, keep going strong.
Miss yoiu all so much. Me n my comp are doing good, just trying our
best to do thy work, Last week we had one of our investigators who
taught us the lesson of fasting. Through the leson i was so happy for
her, just how much the spirit has help through this life. She was so
prepared for the question that i asked to. Some funny question just to
test her lol. An at the same time we were laughing n just having fun.
The guidance from our heavenly father has truly help her come ways, an
im so excited for their future. But overall im still; doing good.
Happy, as i do little by little. Love you so much aunty, send my love
to the family, til pepe im happy for him. Maguia le aso\
Elder Tanuvasa