Monday, December 29, 2014

29 December 2014

Aloha Aiga,
What an amazing week ive had.Christmas was awesome, the rain...although i wished it was snow lol. But it was a blessing talking to my family an seeing how much everyone has grown. Through this past yr, we have expirence trails, tribulations, burdens and hard times through out life. We all know what we need an how we can recieve blessings for us or our familys. An this new yr coming up,getting ready to face the trails , the bumpy roads, hope you all have set goals to grow day by day. The blessing of life. AS we are here to share the gospel an help others an let them know the everlasting gospel. As we have our ups an downs, just remember that our heavenly father is counting on you. The trails that we go through these days are just blessings for us. To strengthen us day by day. Im so grateful for the teachings of the gospel an hopw much its blessed me. Using my agency to choose the better. As time is flying by, make sure you do all that you can day by day.The Comfort we recieve when we do our part is such a true blessing.Keep working hard Fam, but dont work to hard(;  Love you all so much an miss you all. Maguia Le Tausaga Fou.
Elder Tanuvasa