Sunday, February 22, 2015

22 February 2015

aloha, So this week ive been in western samoa an its been weird here
lol. I really do miss american samoa especially my area in leone, but
now im in Manono an its been good here. But at the same time i miss
leone alot. The Work here is alright i feel like we are white washing
meaning we have to pick up the work again. My comp has been here in
this area for 4 months an we are the district leaders here. Whhats
really funny is getting my license here lol. Yeah an i got it hhahaha,
The test was kinda of weird but i got 41/45 so that was
interesting.BUt we have a van so ive been driving an trying to get
back in driving stick shift. An its been going good lol. But our areae
is good we are just trying to pick up more investigators here. This
coming week is our conference for the stake an im excited for it. But
overall im doing good. Miss you all so much an love you all. Take care
an have an awesome day.
Elder Tanuvasa