Monday, January 26, 2015

26 January 2015

But this week was pretty busy for me an my comp. We picked up 5 investigators that are wanting to be baptized. This morning me n my comp went with on of the rms who served in new zealand, but we did disscussion with our investigator name veni. Awesome guys thats been all around the church and finally has come to know the truth in this life. The blessings we recieve when we share our testimonys with others. But we have some baptisms set up for next week so we are preetty stoked for that. Me an my comp been here for a pretty long time, so we are sure that one of us is gone next tranfers. But i been doing good just trying to do a little better everyday as time is flying on. Loving it here, dont worry im still working out lol. But im so happy for you all, so busy everyday, thank you so much for the box for christmas. The shoes are to nice. But i am planning on to keep the language through out my life. Miss you all so much an love you aunty. Have an awesome day.
Elder Tanuvasa