Friday, April 4, 2014

March 17, 2014

So, where should we start.  Made me happy to hear about the family.  Miss you all so much.

.  The life here in Samoa is way - relax.  Trying to get the language and trying my best to understand.  But it's been going good.  The people here are awesome.  It's crazy because they put missionaries on top.  They have a lot of respect for missionaries.  One thing I dont' like is, we eat every night, lol.  I am grateful but when I'm full, people still feed us. 

This week has been busy.  Just been trying to get use to the place.  Me and my soa cover 5 villages and its pretty big.  Everything is spread out so there's a lot of driving.  That's what I hate is driving cause somehow I get motion sickness.  But hopefully I get use to it.  We are teaching this guy and we finally found him.  A great guy but is super busy with work.  Really interested in the church, so today we taught him.  What's hard about serving in Samoa is there are nu'us (villages) the chief or some chiefs don't like Mormon missionaries.  So this week, me and my Soa (companion) are going to talk to the chief of the villages to get his permission so we can go knocking on doors.  So it should go great.  But its a true blessing to be serving and invite them to come unto Christ.

Much Alofa,

Elder Tanuvasa