Wednesday, April 30, 2014

March 4, 2014

This week was god, just been trying to get used to the villages.  We cover 4 nu'us and the bad thing I don't like is that the houses are spread out.  In a couple days me and my Soa are going to talk to the Chief for his permission.  It's fa'asa (forbidden) for us to preach in Lalomanu.  So my Soa and I are gonna talk so wish us luck.  The people in my ward are real cool.  The family we live with, are awesome.  They do so much for us.  Always help me out with my Samoan.  That's a true blessing. 

Today, P-day was probably the best day.  Helped the family make the umu in the morning.  God permission to play baseketball with other missionaries.  First time, I haven't played basketball in a couple of months.  To end it off, we had an awesome faufauga.  But the days in Samoa is awesome.  That was fob, lol.  And my English is getting worse.  But every thing is going good.

This past week was busy.  Everything is awesome.  Samoa is still hot.  This past week was a blessing, we had rain so our big buckets got filled up.  Showering in buckets is good.  Pepe, Tai, Sole for one night, go in the back yard and shower in a bucket.  Try one time, then tell me how your experience was, hahaha.

This week just been teaching, we have a few investigators that are really interested.  Hopefully I don't get transferred.  This week is transfers.  I love the people in my ward.  They make me feel like home.  Know that I am grateful and thankful for what you have done for me.  Excited for the future to see what's in store for me.


Elder Tanuvasa