Tuesday, March 11, 2014

February 17, 2014


It's P-Day and we are just hanging out for the day.  Got my clothes washed in buckets, lol.  Wish I had a machine but it's okay.  This week was super busy.  On Friday we had Zone Conference and it was amazing.  President talked to us then we went to the temple.  That's the cool thing about serving in Upolu, is that you get to take a session.  In Samoan.  haha the Spirit is strong.

Alright, so this past week, we visited some less active members and it was amazing.  This one guy is going through a lot.  We taught him about forgiveness.  About repentance and how we truly can be forgiven through repentance.  As we were done, the lady was crying cause the Spirit was so strong.  I couldn't hold it in so I started to tear up.  I truly testified even though I don't have the best Samoan, I know deep down that the Spirit testified to this family that we all can be forgiven.  Such a wonderful lesson that was short.  Now every time we go there, the lady treats me like a son.  I know without the Spirit, nothing would have happened.  Just a simple lesson, Heavenly Father will help and guide you through out.  This week means a lot to me, cause my trainer look at me, and said, now I know why you are a leader.  Elder Tauiti, been out for a long time and still strives to finish strong.  A true Elder I lookup to and helps me out a lot.  This area is awesome, but reminds me of back home.  Families here are amazing and funny.

We met this guy named Lingi.  A cool guy that takes care of us.  A member, it's cool cause he knows family from Cali.  Every day I wake up, I think Heavenly Father for letting me have the opportunity to serve in Samoa.  Wherever you serve, being grateful and know that you can become the best missionary.  It's on you if you start now and do the most you can because Heavenly Father will help you out with the rest.

I love you all and miss you all.

Ia faafetai lava mo le avanoa.  Oute fia atu tuuina la'u molimau.  Oute u'loa o le atua o tama faalelagi alofa.  Oute iloa mai salamo itatou emafai ona faamagalona.  Oute iloa emoni o te ekalesia o iesu keriso o le aupaia o aso e gata ai.  I le suafei iesu keriso, amen.

Love you all so much & can't wait to receive some letters.

Alofa Atu,

Elder Tanuvasa