Tuesday, March 4, 2014

February 10, 2014


Being in Samoa is awesome but it makes me think of home a lot.  Brings back memories when I was a little kid.  Today is Monday and I'm just doing the same thing.  Wake up and wash my clothes in buckets.  Study the Book of Mormon and just rest up for the rest of the week.  Then later on at 6 we have fafaga's (dinner). 

What's funny is that I am loosing weight, and I'm trying to eat as much as possible.  But I know the food will catch up as time flys by.

Last week was good, we just walked around and got familiar with our area.  We cover 5 villages and it's pretty big.  What's funny we go knocking on doors during 12-ish, everyone is sleeping!  Samoans here can sleep for days.  It's crazy cause they wake up, do their chores, kids go to school, sleep till kid comes home than eat dinner, and REPEAT.  That's the life in Samoa.  But, me and my companions just been talking to members and trying to get use to this area since we are new. 

This past Sunday, we watched a recorded missionary training, but in Samoa.  The language here is crazy.  I feel like people here speak English than all I hear is Samoan's speaking fast in K's.  Right now just been trying to get the T's down so after I can get the K's down.  People here speak in K's so sometimes it mixes me up, but then my comp explains to me after.  Just been HOT so my face is black.  Wish there was A/C.  But I love it here, just miss home a lot.

My companions are cool.  Guy from Hilo that speaks good Samoan.  Today was rainy, it stinks when it rains, cause my skin feels icky.  But he, it's Samoa, there's a lot of weird things here.  This area, Lalomanu reminds me of back home, the beach is right there and we pass by it everyday.  It's beautiful and then you see no one swimming.  Just makes me think, if these Samoan's can swim.  But in my area, people here are real nice and outgoing, always makes sure us Elders are 100% okay.

One thing about Samoa is that they love the bible.  The houses that we visited, I probably seen one Book of Mormon in one house out of many.  The Bible is good, but you need the Book of Mormon to make it great.  Keystone to our religion and shows me that people here use the bible.  When I know the language 100%, my goal is to use the Book of Mormon more than the bible.  Book of Mormon scriptures that relate to families and bible scripture that back up the Book of Mormon.  I've been reading the Book of Mormon and it's crazy how much I am learning things that I read over and over again.  I learn something new.  That's how strong the Spiurit is when I try to be in-tune.  Samoa is awesome, always a blessing to be here but a true blessing to invite others to come unto Christ.

Alofa Atu

Elder Tanuvasa