Monday, September 15, 2014

September 2, 2014

Malo Soifua,

Ia malo soifua.  Just wanted to write you all to see how things are going.  How's life going?  But I've been here in American Samoa and it's been going good.  Feels like Hawaii but not updated.  A few people from back home.  The 1st Counselor if Pres. Autele.  And Aunty Fua, Uncl Jr. Ah You's sister.  Than papa's cousin, Malae-Fono.  It was was crazy when I first met him, so I'm pretty lucky to be in this area.  But so far just trying to faamasagi le area. "Get to know" people.  It's different over here, way different from Upolu & Savaii.  People work here so it's hard to schedule appointments.  We have a family of 7 who is interested in the gospel.  The past Elder's been teaching them, so hopefully they are ready.  For before I start explaining about the gospel, I let them know that we are not here to force people  We are here to help, if it's service or through trying to understand the gospel and what we believe.  Because people can feel like they are getting forced to join.  Even if they dont' get baptized, we as missionaries are here to still help others endure to the end.  Over here people like to speak English so it's been alright.  My comp likes to take advantage of speaking English.  He's been out for 1 year so it's been awesome with this Elder.  I can tell when he is speaking English, I say to him, Sole, se faa Samoa! lol

And Tutuila, the people love to feed Elders because it's a blessing for their families.  I'm hoping that after December I get transfered back to Upolu or Savaii.  I am happy to be here, just don't wanna stay here.  But give me the update on the family.  I miss you all so much.  I pray for you all every day.  Through faith and patience, anything can happen.

Faatuatua ma onosai, Aiga.  Faamalosi outou, Pepe, Tai - Aua le foavaivai.  Alofa tele Atu...  Tatalo so'o mole.  Maguiale Aso.  Fesoasooni o le atua

Faifeautalai Tanuvasa