Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 7, 2014

Malo Lava Soifua,

My family in Oregon, How's life going?  What's you all been up to?  How's work going? 

The work on the mission field is going pretty good.  This past Saturday we had a baptism.  Palemia was baptized and we hoping that his family is interested in the church.  But this week was busy. The area we cover is pretty big, I like it cause we walk all over the place.  So it's a good workout.  The two Bishop's are amazing.  Really hard working men that know how to have fun at the same time.  But on Sunday it was crazy.  Seeing so many people with "pink eye".  They call it ma'i maka.  Like the whole ward had the sickness.  Even my comps have the virus.  Just blessed to not get pink eye.  I just pray to not get sick because there's no time to get sick.  Time on the mission is flying by fast.  Next thing you know Pepe is serving in Samoa :-)

Samoa is an awesome mission.  I'm pretty sure it's way different than the missions in the states.  A lot of Samoans from Samoa.  The ZL in my old area is a hard working man.  He's 25 years old.

This past week just been teaching lessons to investigators.  Trying to find more people that are interested.  We have a family that will be baptized next week.  There could be 3 more but I'm just thankful for what we have.  To let people know and invite them to come unto Christ.  Serving is real hard, just trying my best to stay in tune with the Spirit.  Trying my best to continue on and stay strong.

Having my best friend pass away is painful.  Till this day I can't take the fact that he's gone.  I know that he's happy to be with his dad.  That day, I knew something was wrong, I felt a bad feeling.  Then all of a  sudden this happens.  I just can't imagine how the mom is doing.  Really amazing family.  I'm truly grateful for families, families are together forever.

I know in my heart I'll see my uso again.  Cause life goes on.  That's the beauty of this life, it's not done.  I'm truly grateful for this gospel for the Plan of Salvation.

Just want you all to know that I love y'all so much and miss you all a lot.  Just know that I'm doing good, just trying to be that missionary I want to be.  But this week is gonna be busy.  A lot of lessons to teach, got to save the world.  Before we leave the house, the saying "got to save the world"

Alofa Atu
Toe Fei lo'ai

Elder Tanuvasa